Cala Benirras

Cala Benirras, Ibiza Virtual Tour.

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Guide and Virtual Tour of Ibiza: Cala Benirras.
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photograph of Cala BenirrasBenirras Beach, Cala Benirras

Benirras on the north coast is a very popular spot. We drove down the long and winding lane from the main road in mid afternoon, peak season to find a parking nightmare! Get there early (or late I suppose) if you want to get closer than we did.

Having said that, this is a spectacularly beautiful beach. A huge rock stands out in the middle of the bay and pine trees hug the hills on either side. The beach is pale, gritty sand but it is quite deep, which means there's plenty of room for all the visitors. I counted 5 restaurants, including a real hippy favourite. A few private yachts were beginning to arrive to anchor in the bay and many holiday makers were enjoying snorkelling around the rocks.

We took this shot from a wooden structure to one side of the bay - it felt quite precarious, but offered an unusual spot of welcome shade from the August sun.

We were told that many people like to bring their drums here at sunset, to drum the sun down into the sea.

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Map of Ibiza showing the location of Cala Benirras at Latitude 39.08993 / Longitude 1.45322.
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