Cala Salada, Near San Antoni

Cala Salada, Near San Antoni, Ibiza Virtual Tour.

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Guide and Virtual Tour of Ibiza: Cala Salada, Near San Antoni.
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photograph of Cala Salada, Near San AntoniCala Salada

This tiny, pebbly beach is just a short drive from San Antoni and therefore very popular, especially in Peak season. The tourist boats don't stop here, but the steep, winding road down gets very busy indeed. Be prepared for interesting parking and traffic jams!

Having said that, the beach is LOVELY. The pebbles mean that the water is clear, azure and most inviting, Great for swimming, snorkelling and diving. There are a small number of restaurants and a few villas perched beneath the trees, on the way down here.

Note: the secluded beach of Fontanelles is a short walk away - this is a very secluded, private beach but for the nimble of foot. (If you're going there to see the Bronze Age cave paintings - don't. The caves are protected by iron bars and therefore fairly inaccessible.)

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Map of Ibiza showing the location of Cala Salada, Near San Antoni at Latitude 39.01001 / Longitude 1.29902.
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