Es Cavellet Nudist Beach

Es Cavellet Nudist Beach, Ibiza Virtual Tour.

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Guide and Virtual Tour of Ibiza: Es Cavellet Nudist Beach.
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photograph of Es Cavellet Nudist BeachEs Cavellet

Es Cavellet is the closest beach to Ibiza airport, right next to the Es Salines - the salt flats. This is a long, sandy beach, very popular with the 'in-crowd' as well as the gay scene and naturists. Parking is a bit of a nightmare here, but the bus does stop a little way up the road.

There are real waves here - one of the few places on the island where we saw any, so it is popular with windsurfers! However, these waves do bring in large swathes of brown seaweed, which is rather unpleasant to wade through and gets caught up in your bikini. (Maybe that's where the naturists have one over on us!).

This is another of those beaches which is popular with celebrities and the rich and famous. There are a few very exclusive restaurants, with white sofas (on a beach!! I ask you...), playing trance music, which cater for those of a larger wallet...These are at the Ibiza Town end of the beach.

There is an active gay scene, which seems to be focussed around an excellent beach restaurant at the far end of the beach, whereas the nudist section is in the middle part of the beach.

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Map of Ibiza showing the location of Es Cavellet Nudist Beach at Latitude 38.84936 / Longitude 1.40202.
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