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Portinatx Portinax, Ibiza Virtual Tour.

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Guide and Virtual Tour of Ibiza: Portinatx Portinax.
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photograph of Portinatx PortinaxPortinatx

This absolutely beautiful resort is a firm favourite with British families and you can certainly see why. The bay is gorgeous - two sheltered, sandy beaches with shallow water (and a third hidden along a path) and no traffic behind them. The road is up to the side, leaving the beach quiet and safe for little ones.

Next to the largest beach is a fantastic water park with slides and chutes. It is actually owned by one of the hotels, but can be used by anyone (there is an admission charge).

This is the place to keep the children happy - proper 'bucket and spade' sand, banana boat rides, do-nut rides, sumo rides - you name it! There were quite a few Dads and lads fishing off the rocks and plenty of families enjoying the shade under the trees at the back of the beach when we were there. And despite it being August, it didn't seem over crowded. There is even a children's playground here, behind the beach, plenty of well stocked supermarket and bars many of which have British owners and staff who know the kind of food your little darlings will eat!

One word of warning: the cigarette shop is closed Sundays. We sat at 'Delboy's Restaurant' for our full English breakfast on a Sunday morning and observed countless dismayed smokers turn up and then leave empty handed, wondering how they were going to manage until Monday morning, when it re-opened. You have been warned!

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Map of Ibiza showing the location of Portinatx Portinax at Latitude 39.10934 / Longitude 1.51594.
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